Performance Training

Each client will receive a fully customizable performance assessment utilizing the same equipment and measures employed with athletes at the highest levels. We begin with a thorough medical/injury history and movement assessment. During this initial assessment, we will take a close look at injury history, training experience, specific goals, and much more. The assessment includes a comprehensive look at the athlete, from force plate analysis to reaction time and agility testing. After the data is compiled, a follow-up appointment is scheduled to review the information and implement a personalized plan to address the identified goals.

Assessment Components:

  • Video Movement Analysis
  • Force Plate Analysis
  • Video Gait Analysis
  • Force Velocity Profile
  • Range of Motion and Isometric Strength Assessment
  • DynaVision Reaction Time Assessment
  • Lateral Change of Direction Test

Individual and small group training is available following the assessment. Each client will be using their own individualized performance training program, relevant to their sport, position, or event, working towards their own performance goals. We combine principles of physical therapy and strength and conditioning to deliver a comprehensive performance enhancement program with an emphasis on injury reduction and resiliency.