Dirigo PTP CrossFit Program

Physical therapists can be a great resource for CrossFitters to help them stay healthy and build resiliency for the demanding movements that the sport demands. Licensed physical therapists in the state of Maine can be accessed through direct access, meaning without a doctor’s referral.

Dirigo Physical Therapy and Performance’s CrossFit Program aims to improve your strength, stability, and mobility to keep you performing WOD’s and stay in the game without pain or discomfort. We assess your movement through the big movements such as squats, deadlifts, push-press, jerks and assess Olympic movements such as snatches and cleans. By assessing your strength, stability and mobility we can formulate a treatment plan to address accessory work that can translate to improved mechanics when lifting, less pain/discomfort when performing lifts, gymnastic movements and normal bodyweight movements during your workouts.

Contact Brianna Stagg at Brianna@DirigoPTP.com for additional information. Bree is an experienced CrossFit athlete and a member of CrossFit Rising Tide, where she is available to treat CFRT members.

An injury should not force you to give up the sports you love. We will work with you to identify and address any potential impairments, reduce the risk of sustaining an injury that could occur in CrossFit, and to help modify activities and manage symptoms to avoid putting your membership on hold whenever possible.