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"I've been a patient at Dirigo by choice for a long time, and I would never go elsewhere. They are professional, provide individualized therapy, and communicate effectively with involved providers. I have worked with both Lloyd (the practice owner) and Melony, and found them both to be incredible therapists. If I could rate higher than five stars I would for professionalism, empathy, compassion, unlimited knowledge, and expertise. "
Jun 30, 2022
"I came to Dirigo for help recovering from a hip fracture and am so grateful I did. I worked with Mallory for seven months. I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be when I started PT. Mallory was a fantastic partner: knowledgeable, of course, supportive while also pushing me to do more when she knew I could and clearly invested in my progress. She was also very generous with her time answering my emails and speaking with my physicians to coordinate on my recovery. Highly recommend her and Dirigo. "
Mar 24, 2022
"I was just discharged from Dirigo after working with Mallory. Initially, she was helping me with some knee pain and running assessment and on the day I was set to discharge, I had told her I was in a car accident since seeing her last. Mal quickly put on her assessment hat and starting asking me questions regarding the accident which I am very happy about because I wasn't prepared to ask for help which I definitely needed. I had sustained a mild concussion from the accident and was dealing with some neck pain but really just thought it would go away on its own. Mal let me know that she really didn't mind turning our visit into an assessment for my neck instead of the knee and on the spot performed a full function test on me. Numbers don't lie! My range of motion among other readings were not where they should have been. Mal let me know that these sort of things don't just go away on their own and if it did it could be months before that happened. The neck was bad enough to affect my sleeping and my ski season as it was hard to whip my neck around at trail crossings. Now I would say my neck is even better than before the accident! Mal was a pleasure to work with and gave me the right attention to clear up this neck issue. If it wasn't for her simply asking questions and getting me talking I wouldn't have opened up about it figuring it would have just gone away. I think it says a lot that I was there to discharge for my knee and could have been one less patient for her to deal with but she insisted we check it out and was very comprehensive in analyzing my necks full function. I'm happy I worked with her and it is very nice as a patient to be at a PT clinic where you can get the 1:1 attention for your entire visit. I've been to Dirigo before and I believe as a patient this is the most important part of what Dirigo offers (as well as their extremely competent and knowledgeable staff). My full trust has been with Dirigo and I don't have enough great things to say. I'd recommend Dirigo to anyone! Thanks Mal!"
Feb 18, 2022
"In 2017 I sustained a complete tear of my lateral root meniscus which brought me down a road of injury, uncertainty, and recovery. I required surgery and unfortunately the surgery didn't go successfully requiring another one, making 4 total knee operations on the same knee (former ACL tear). I was told by the best of the best in the Ortho world who works with the Boston Pro Sports teams that I should never run again and was told by more than one ortho clinic if I did I would really only be able to run a maximum of a 10K distance. Well, after working with Brianna at Dirigo I can say that those other professionals were wrong and she very humbly never questioned my goals but provided me the tools and care to get me back to elite condition. I found her knowledge, evaluation and overal scope of determining what type of strengthening exercises and routine care I needed to be the best I've ever received and that accounts for a long history of working with around 20 different PT's over my lifetime for varying injuries. With her help I have been brought back to the world of competing in Spartan Mountain Races, skiing pain free and taking on such terrain as Jackson Hole and have been able to do Alpine Touring pain free. My running has come back to upwards of 16 mile runs (still rising) as well as the ability to run in the mountains and not stick to "flat roads" at recommendations of the doctors prior to working with Brianna. In the Fall of 2021 I came back to work with Bri briefly after overtraining and having some patellofemoral pain in my knee. After a few short weeks the pain went away thanks to the program she put me on and I also did a running assessment with Mallory who was very helpful to identify what tweaks to make to my running to prevent future injuries. I owe so much to Bri and Dirigo and would recommend any staff at Dirigo for your injury rehabilitation or prevention needs. Being in the clinic for a good while, I've seen firsthand the direct care and attention all therapists provide their clients. Being able to get 1:1 support and have your therapist work alongside you is an easy sell and shows Dirigo cares very much about their patients. Easy 5 star! "
Feb 18, 2022
"I had some knee pain from over doing it at the beginning of this ski season. I called Dirigo and was able to get an appointment that week. I was quickly back on track with a home exercise program. Thanks to Josh and everyone at Dirigo, I had a great experience despite not wanting to have to "work out" in a traditional or formal way. I feel much stronger and am confident I have a good plan of new exercises to keep my ski season on track!"
Dec 22, 2021
"I had major shoulder surgery at the beginning of the year. While I know it's the job of a physical therapist to get patients through surgeries, Mallory made what often felt like a completely overwhelming and disheartening process feel like it might be doable and achievable. It was a joy working with her. I've done PT before, for this shoulder, after a fracture. It hasn't felt as good as it does now in a very, very long time. She always had MY goals in mind and helped me get back to a place where I can actually lift and feel strong. I am so grateful I found Dirigo and Mallory! "
Nov 18, 2021
"Dirigo took me from being completely sidelined from running, to a personal best in the marathon (pain-free!) only a few months later. I cannot express how grateful I am for Mallory and the whole team, this was by far the most comprehensive and valuable PT experience of my life."
Nov 05, 2021
"I came to Dirigo PT&P at a time when they were the only PT facility in the state offering BFR to help with my rehab after multiple knee surgeries. I was thoroughly impressed and have been a patient there for 3 years. The staff is excellent! The PTs are extremely knowledgeable and stay up to date with evidence based practice. The 1:1 care allows them to really get to know their patients and create programs that are unique to the needs and abilities of the individual. I highly recommend Dirigo PT&P!"
Sep 28, 2021
"At 79, I have had back problems for at least 30 years, with physical therapy prescribed at least a dozen times over the years. While enjoying Portland for the summer, I injured my back during what was apparently too aggressive play at pickle-ball. (If you haven't played, don't make fun until you have). Whether a result of age or the nature of the injury, the back spasms I was experiencing were truly the worst I've experienced. I could not get out of bed without literally yelling in pain. After visiting a walk-in emergency clinic, in addition to a prescription for medication I was given a prescription for p/t and someone told me that Dirigo, in Portland, was a good place in a convenient location. I was most fortunate in being assigned to therapist, Joshua Segal, In short, his treatment of my injury was as good as I've ever had...ever. Rather than sticking to a prepared regimen of therapy and exercises, both in Dirigo's facility and at home PT Segal literally fashioned the program best suited for me so that I did the exercises that he and I could see benefited me and did not do the ones that caused more discomfort than they should have. I have stopped experiencing the spasms and although I still have a little way to go to recover fully, this was the best therapy I can recall ever having. If you are unfortunate enough to need therapy, hopefully you will be fortunate enough to have PT Joshua Seal assigned to you."
Sep 23, 2021
"BREE AT THE SACO CLINIC IS MY MIRACLE WORKER!!!!!! I came to Bee with a serious back problem and two arthritic hips and could barely walk. I thought for sure that I would need a spinal fusion or two hip replacements but with her constant encouragement that things will get better and her expertise, things are soooo much better. No fusion, no hip replacements, so much less pain and with the wonderful care of Bree and her wealth of knowledge it is all I needed .I am still a patient of Bree's at the Saco PT..When I first started with Bree, I could barely walk into her office and now I walk happily into her Saco office without pain. Bree is not only a healer but an educator. She has taught me about how my spine and hips work and how to protect them. She is patient and answers every question I have which is a lot:). If you are looking for an amazing physical therapist who is an absolute joy to be with, who has extensive knowledge how to heal you, who will NOT give up until you are better and works with you the entire hour, there is no better than Bree!!!! Bree treats the young and the old and this old person will always consider her as my MIRACLE WORKER! "
Sep 13, 2021
"Josh couldn't have been better. He's patient , thorough and completely professional . I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs his services."
Aug 16, 2021
"Always 1:1 care, exceptional staff. I've been seeing Mallory since February for rotator cuff tears and I have made excellent progress. She clearly explains lab data results (x ray, mri...) and taylors exercises for my specific needs. Highly recommend Dirigo PTP"
Jul 22, 2021
"Mallory and the team at Dirigo helped me with my hip issue which had taken me over a year to figure out the source of the pain. Their approach was quick relieving, hands on and catered to my goals of getting back to a more active lifestyle. I highly recommend Dirigo for physical therapy - friendly staff that really care about their patients."
Jul 06, 2021
"Excellent service from thorough diagnostic evaluation to multiple explicit goal-centered exercise plans. I have been to several PT services over the years for various conditions, and have not been particularly inspired by my experiences. However, Mallory impressed me as being competent and personally engaged in my progress from my first visit forward. Over the past few months, she has been a terrific PT coach and counsellor. I am very pleased with my progress, and feel very grateful that I was referred to Derigo, and particularly for the opportunity to work with Mallory. Shout-out also to Haruka, who handled all the front office stuff so professionally. Thanks to all of you! "
Jun 30, 2021
"Everyone was amazing! They took great care of me over the past few months. Bri not only helped me regain the function in my shoulder, she focused on educating me about my recovery. This attention to detail and expertise accelerated my recovery. I have no doubt that the Dirigo team is the reason I am able to compete again!!!"
Jun 04, 2021
"For the second time in the past year Mallory helped me recover from a soft tissue injury, this time to my back. I greatly appreciate her thoughtful, consistent approach to getting me back doing the things I love to do - pain free."
May 27, 2021
"This past year I had to have 3 orthopedic operations; both ankles and my left knee. The surgeon operating on my knee from HSS in New York recommended I use Dirigo for my rehab. They couldn't have given me better advice. The people at Dirigo delivered with top end knowledge, cutting edge equipment and techniques, friendly atmosphere, and a positive healing environment. The most important part however were the results. I made recoveries from all my procedures that were weeks ahead of what would be considered a normal timeline. I am currently less than 3 months out from major knee surgery which included an HTO, an arthrotomy, and cartilage transplant. If you don't know what an HTO is look it up. I am walking around with no pain, no brace, and no assistance and have been for weeks. If you really care about giving your body its best chance at success post op I would recommend you look into doing your rehab at Dirigo."
Feb 25, 2021
"I’ve struggled with lower back pain for about 12 years and have traveled the Portland PT circuit. In fact, when I first saw Lloyd, all former PTs had coached me to limit my movement in certain ways. Lloyd worked with me to increase my mobility, flexibility and overall strength. I’m incredibly grateful that Lloyd didn’t give up on me (even when I did on occasion). I still have set backs (pun intended), but Lloyd has given me the tools to work through them and know I can get back on the path toward pain-free movement. This is not your run of the mill PT place. These are great folks who won’t give up until you are healed and on your way!!"
Nov 10, 2020
"This has been my first experience with "true" PT and really is the big deal all have said, at least when taught and implemented by the folks at Dirigo. I had a total knee replacement and as a result had lost a lot of the flexibility in my knee with a resulting imbalance in my other knee. The team at Dirigo, lead by Mallory was terrific. Never wasted time, always well focused and knowledgable, explaining the why's to each new step along the way. Everyone says you must do PT if you're going to stand a chance at really getting back to normal. That's the absolute truth. The flip side is you need real guidance and encouragement to stay the course. The folks at Dirigo get it right. Applause."
Oct 22, 2020
"I can't say enough good things about Bree and the rest of the crew. They helped me "prehab" at home while waiting for knee surgery during the pandemic, which built strength and maintained as much flexibility as possible. The onsite post-surgery visits were incredibly productive. PT is hard word but it pays off and Bree & co. were great to work with."
Aug 19, 2020
"After suffering from recurring shoulder pain, resulting from an injury 25 years ago, I finally went to a doctor to see what could be done. Despite my request to simply cut me open and fix the issue, the doctor recommended physical therapy. I (reluctantly) agreed to the PT and went to see Mallory at DPT in Portland. My skepsis quickly subsided after a brief discussion with her. I asked some specific questions which she answered, very convincingly, in a highly competent and professional manner. She took the time to explain her reasoning in detail which immediately changed my attitude toward the PT. Mallory worked with me and showed me exercises I could do at home to help alleviate my pain. I followed her recommendations and was astonished at how quickly my ailment subsided. Under her direction, my situation improved dramatically in just a few short weeks. I am now completely pain free and know what to do in the event it were to return. I highly recommend Mallory, and Dirigo Physical Therapy, for any physical therapy needs. "
Jul 17, 2020
Feb 24, 2020
"I've had post-surgical shoulder pain for the last three months, but thanks to Bree and Mallory, I'm happy to say I'm now pain-free! Thanks for all your help. I can't recommend Dirigo enough."
Feb 24, 2020
"I can’t say enough about this organization. I’ve been to 3 other PT offices in Portland and they are hands down the most professional, innovative, and responsive. I really thought I’d reached my â€Å" little old lady” stage in life after knee surgery but Mallory’s patience, encouragement, and attention to detail has turned my life around-after almost six months somewhere else. I’ve never been asked to do something painful, or something that felt unstable or dangerous. And most of all I have a DPT giving me their full and undivided attention-no working in the corner by myself, wondering if I’m ever going to get this move right while listening to people discuss what they are going â€Å"to have for dinner â€Å"or â€Å"their unending search for a house.” My questions are answered with up to date, research based data. No one talks down to me when discussing how my body functions. And on top of all that everyone is kind and friendly. "
Feb 18, 2020
"After years of pain and limited mobility due to a back injury, I was referred to Dirigo for continuing physical Therapy. I had the pleasure of working with Mallory. She provided amazing care and instruction, ensuring that I had the tools to continue my own care and development. The detail in preparing a plan and instructing me in its use was first rate. I now have the confidence to move forward knowing that I will be able to live with little to no limitations on my activities. By far the best Physical Therapy experience I have had in 10 years of on and off visits around the country. Thank you so much."
Jan 08, 2020
"Referrals from people you trust are always the best, and that is how we came to Dirigo. My friend was treated at Dirigo following knee replacement surgery. She had been referred by her son-in-law. Her outcome was fantastic as was her experience with the Dirigo team. When another friend needed PT, we referred him to Dirigo, and he was also impressed. He also had a quick recovery due to his PT. Then, my husband needed PT for severe back pain. We called Dirigo and were seen the next day. His therapist is Malory, and she is amazing. She stays completely focused on my husband during the entire visit. She is gentle in her approach but does encourage him to do a bit more at each visit within a pain-free zone. She not only answered questions but explained why certain exercises were being done in a particular fashion. He is now on the mend. Dirigo is a rehab facility of the highest quality with state-of-the art equipment and caring, with expert doctoral-level PTs. I would highly recommend Dirigo. Don't hesitate to experience their excellence if the need arises and you need physical therapy. Nora"
Dec 23, 2019
"I met Lloyd as he was offering free physical therapy services to athletes after the Lobsterman Triathlon in Freeport. He is a really thoughtful guy who is quick to form relationships with his patients, and was welcoming when I came to the office in Portland, even offering a complementary assessment and some helpful tips. Dirigo has a great set of equipment for personal recovery use and in the PT room, and I'll definitely be back for tune-ups!"
Oct 20, 2019
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"Best PT in Maine hands down. You will not regret working with Lloyd or any of the team!"
Oct 17, 2019
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"I came to require PT for shoulder pain and my sports med doc recommended Dirigo Physical Therapy. I had been through PT before (elsewhere in PWM) so I thought I knew what to expect, but I was so impressed by the care that Lloyd & team provided. What I appreciated most about the experience is that every appointment was one on one. He was watching every rep, ensuring that my form was correct each time so that I was getting the most out of each session. The team is really friendly and super knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Dirigo Physical Therapy!"
Jul 10, 2019
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"Getting to work with Dr. Beckett at Dirigo PT has been a game changer for me. I've had weak knee joints since running a marathon 10 years ago and tearing my meniscus and wrongly assumed that my knees would never be the same. I recently started exercising 6 days a week and my knees could barely handle it. My sports orthopedic doc he seemed to think I'd benefit from relearning mechanics of movements like squats and running. I was a little skeptical of how helpful PT could be, and definitely assumed it would take months to make any difference since I've been feeling this way for 10 years. How wrong I was - after only one month of sessions 2x/week with Dr. Beckett my issues were almost entirely resolved. I feel so empowered by my experience here as I better understand the mechanics of these movements (thanks to Dr. Beckett's patience in explaining it in depth to me multiple times and answering my many questions), my knees are so much more stable since we strengthened the muscles around them, and I have tons of resources of exercises to do on my own to keep this up. Here are some of the other things that I love about Dirigo PT and that make me recommend it so highly: - Dr. Beckett and his staff are all so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. - Your PT here spends your whole appointment with you. I've been to other PTs where they were juggling too many patients at once and you'd be left on your own unsure if you were doing exercises correctly. - The facility is GORGEOUS, spacious and clean with tons of brand new equipment. - The assessment was really in depth. Part of my issue included things like poor mechanics when running or jumping, so it was so helpful to watch in slow motion a recording of me doing these activities, and then to see another recording of it one month later and to see the issues resolved. - Dr. Beckett is creative and keeps it interesting, so you'll enjoy your sessions when they would otherwise feel tiring or mundane. I really can't recommend Dirigo PT highly enough!"
Jul 04, 2019
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"Recently, an old injury to my spine acted up again causing pain in the legs and limiting my mobility. The original injury had crushed some portions of the spine causing me to lose the use of my left leg. The damaged parts were removed by surgery, and I lost 2 inches in height, but the use of the leg was restored. For the more recent problem, I was referred to Brianna Tupper at Dirigo PTP for physical therapy. She worked on the damaged area and provided me with a series of exercises in addition to those that were already part of my daily routine for my spine. Within a week, the pain in the legs was gone and full mobility restored. Treatment was concluded after 5 weeks, and I found that the muscles in the area of concern were stronger than before the recent problem arose. I would strongly recommend Brianna Tupper and DirigoPTP to anyone seeking a knowledgeable physical therapist. Thank you, Brianna! Stan B."
May 26, 2019
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"Recently, an old injury to my spine acted up again causing pain in the legs and limiting my mobility. The original injury had crushed some portions of the spine causing me to lose the use of my left leg. The damaged parts were removed by surgery, and I lost 2 inches in height, but the use of the leg was restored. For the more recent problem, I was referred to Brianna Tupper at Dirigo PTP for physical therapy. She worked on the damaged area and provided me with a series of exercises in addition to those that were already part of my daily routine for my spine. Within a week, the pain in the legs was gone and full mobility restored. Treatment was concluded after 5 weeks, and I found that the muscles in the area of concern were stronger than before the recent problem arose. I would strongly recommend Brianna Tupper and DirigoPTP to anyone seeking a knowledgeable physical therapist. Thank you, Brianna! Stan B. "
May 26, 2019
"If you need physical therapy, there is no better place than Dirigo Physical Therapy in the Portland area. Individual attention for your full hour and their cutting edge treatments compliment traditional physical therapy. My athletic past is coming back to haunt me, so I am thankful for the work Brianna and team do to help me get pain free."
May 25, 2019
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"Brianna Tupper helped me get my wrist back to were it was before I broke it. Now I can get back to my Metalsmithing."
Apr 30, 2019
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"Dirigo Physical Therapy & Performance is a fantastic facility with a well educated and knowledgeable staff. I saw Brianna after having my first child to help with diastasis recti. She helped me get back to my normal exercise routine quickly and safely. I would highly recommend this practice and Bri!"
Apr 29, 2019
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"The best in Portland"
Apr 19, 2019
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"I had a positively fantastic experience with Dirigo Physical Therapy & Performance. They bring a world class PT experience to Portland with extensive experience in professional athletics. I felt incredibly confident in my treatment and recommend Dirigo to friends and family. I will absolutely to Dirigo for any PT needs in the future."
Mar 29, 2019
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"I went to Dirigo PTP due to the close proximity of to my office, but I soon found out it would have been worth it to travel quite a distance to get the personalized, professional treatment that I received from Dr. Beckett. I came in with a sports injury that had been plaguing me for over a month, and within just 4 visits, I was back on my feet. Dr. Beckett brings a wealth of experience and skills, and as an athlete, I was particularly keen on his experience working in professional sports. (And as a fan, it was fun to get an insider's perspective on the NBA!) The facility is state-of-the-art, with a lot of the same equipment that pro athletes use. On a personal level, Dr. Beckett made me feel comfortable, always explained the foundation for the maneuvers that were being performed, and was transparent with the process. Highly highly recommended!"
Jan 17, 2019
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"I am a pediatrician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and 5 years ago I slipped on a wet marble floor and tore my hamstring on one side. A sports medicine colleague referred me for physical therapy, where I met Lloyd Beckett. This wasn't my first encounter with physical therapy, but it was a game-changing experience for me about how much benefit one could derive from working with a trainer who is first class. For about 10 weeks I met regularly with Lloyd. He was smart, well-trained, highly experienced, and incredibly thorough. I had spent almost 20 years in Boston for my medical training and early career and it was incredibly relaxing to relive a little of New England on a weekly basis when I met with Lloyd. He made a huge difference in my recovery, which took some time. Physical therapy with Lloyd was a quiet opportunity to relax, talk, and learn muscle physiology from a really knowledgeable guy. I was disappointed when Lloyd relocated to New York to work with professional basketball players. I had been trying to figure out how I could engineer a session with him in Brooklyn when I learned he was returning to Maine. There is no way I would see anyone else but Lloyd Beckett for advice and treatment on the multiple injuries I manage to accumulate. I will be seeing Lloyd in Portland this year for a much needed tune up and some New England talk. Physical therapists don't come any better!"
Jan 17, 2019
"I have a mild form of Parkinson's disease and came to see Lloyd for a shoulder injury after a fall.. One look at his resume and I was pretty sure I had found someone very experienced. I have seen many physical therapists in the Portland area, but they were all very similar: slightly boring exercises that did not really translate into strengthening (at least nothing you could feel or quantify). It's not like that here. I have been seeing Lloyd for 4 weeks. My shoulder pain is almost gone; my legs are much stronger. I am getting balance and gait training: (something no one ever worked on with me before). My favorite equipment here is the strap system hooked to a rafter - for squats and rowing - also the light box for working on reaction time. This place is not boring. Anyone can have excellent equipment, but I doubt you will find anyone as knowledgeable as Lloyd. He's also calm and kind. I feel very grateful to have found him."
Jan 17, 2019
"Dr. Lloyd Beckett began treating my middle school daughter this fall during soccer season. She had been experiencing foot and ankle issues for the past year+, and had seen multiple different practitioners with no relief. We were impressed the minute we walked through the door and knew Dirigo Physical Therapy & Performance was different. LLoyd spent over an hour doing a very thorough and data-driven evaluation of her strength, range of motion, and quality of movement. He was able to pin point her areas of weakness and develop a plan to help her. Lloyd has both the knowledge and experience to quickly identify underlying root causes and resolve them. After 2 weeks her pain was completely gone, and she has remained injury free through basketball season! In addition, her strength and speed have increased significantly. I would highly recommend Dirigo PT & Performance to anyone looking for pain relief, or wanting to improve their sports performance and reduce injuries. Dr. Lloyd Beckett is in a class of his own and we're very fortunate to have him in Portland!"
Jan 02, 2019
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"As a patient here, I must say that Dirigo is paving the way for the future of physical therapy in Maine by bringing advanced, up-to-date standards and expertise to our Portland area. It seems only too fitting that the business name comes from our great state of Maine’s own Latin based motto meaning “I lead.” Dr. Lloyd Beckett is a leader, a Mainer, and a true professional who is passionate about is work. His in-field knowledge gained through his incredible experiences as Lead Physical Therapist and Head Athletic Trainer for the NBA’s own Brooklyin Nets is not something one comes by often. His past work involves professional sports athletes placing their best asset under his direct care. The message simply speaks for itself that he is the specialist you need to protect your best asset. As a merchant mariner, I came to Dr. Beckett, in need, after sustaining a serious shoulder injury while on duty at sea. I had become weak, sore, and impossibly stiff. I suffered daily. I had many questions that needed answers that three different doctor’s evaluations had not offered any solution to other than prescription medications and time. I wanted none of that. My physical strength is essential for my duties and I asked Dr. Beckett if he could get me back in the game quick enough so that I would be ready for my next crew change in Brazil. There was no guessing, and after his initial evaluation of my injury, he let me know the future plan to get me going again. Keep in mind, I could barely move my arm at the time and could barely sleep at night from the constant aching pain. The recovery regime was tough, but the results were worth it a 1000 times over. I felt the positive changes immediately the first week with his guidance and customized routines. When you have an injury of this nature and choose not take care of it properly, it will haunt you forever. I could not have that. Lloyd’s expertise and experience in dealing with injuries provided me the professional guidance that I required to avoid this. My mobility and strength gains quickly took off with each session completed. When I eventually followed-up for my company’s medical evaluation, the doctor could not believe the fast recovery results, despite the injury’s severity. He was very impressed with my rapid improvement of my shoulder’s mobility and strength, thus, clearing me for immediate offshore duty regardless of the odds. Plain and simple, Lloyd delivered what he said he would deliver and, for this, has earned my trust forever. He knows how to get the job done safely and done correctly. His facility is spacious, stylish, and filled with clean, new high-end equipment. I felt like a celebrity being there and that is the culture he brings to the table as he focuses on your needs for a successful recovery. Hearing his many adventures through the professional sports world is an absolute entertaining bonus, as well. It is a truly comfortable, friendly atmosphere; you’ll know you belong when you get there. I HIGHLY recommend Dirigo Physical Therapy and Performance and Dr. Lloyd Beckett. I hope that others get to read this review and share in my success story for post-injury recovery. Thank you, Dr. Beckett!"
Oct 10, 2018
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"I was anxious about entering into PT after a long delay following my injury. Dr. Beckett quickly assured me there was still plenty of work that could be done. His intelligence, patience, calm demeanor, and strong sense of humor will put you at ease. His facility is brand new and so most of the equipment is very fresh and up-to-date. I have been attending for just over six weeks and he has shown me mathematical improvements in terms of flexibility and strength. Highly recommended!"
Sep 23, 2018
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