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"I am a pediatrician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and 5 years ago I slipped on a wet marble floor and tore my hamstring on one side. A sports medicine colleague referred me for physical therapy, where I met Lloyd Beckett. This wasn't my first encounter with physical therapy, but it was a game-changing experience for me about how much benefit one could derive from working with a trainer who is first class. For about 10 weeks I met regularly with Lloyd. He was smart, well-trained, highly experienced, and incredibly thorough. I had spent almost 20 years in Boston for my medical training and early career and it was incredibly relaxing to relive a little of New England on a weekly basis when I met with Lloyd. He made a huge difference in my recovery, which took some time. Physical therapy with Lloyd was a quiet opportunity to relax, talk, and learn muscle physiology from a really knowledgeable guy. I was disappointed when Lloyd relocated to New York to work with professional basketball players. I had been trying to figure out how I could engineer a session with him in Brooklyn when I learned he was returning to Maine. There is no way I would see anyone else but Lloyd Beckett for advice and treatment on the multiple injuries I manage to accumulate. I will be seeing Lloyd in Portland this year for a much needed tune up and some New England talk. Physical therapists don't come any better!"
Jan 17, 2019
"I have a mild form of Parkinson's disease and came to see Lloyd for a shoulder injury after a fall.. One look at his resume and I was pretty sure I had found someone very experienced. I have seen many physical therapists in the Portland area, but they were all very similar: slightly boring exercises that did not really translate into strengthening (at least nothing you could feel or quantify). It's not like that here. I have been seeing Lloyd for 4 weeks. My shoulder pain is almost gone; my legs are much stronger. I am getting balance and gait training: (something no one ever worked on with me before). My favorite equipment here is the strap system hooked to a rafter - for squats and rowing - also the light box for working on reaction time. This place is not boring. Anyone can have excellent equipment, but I doubt you will find anyone as knowledgeable as Lloyd. He's also calm and kind. I feel very grateful to have found him."
Jan 17, 2019